Alcoholics Anonymous is a program of a new way of life without alcohol. It is a program that is working successfully for millions of men and women throughout the world and from all walks of life.

The experience of AA members is that alcoholism is a progressive illness that cannot be cured but which, like some other illnesses,
can be arrested—by staying away from the first drink, one day at a time.


Is There An Alcoholic in Your LifeIs There an Alcoholic in Your Life

If someone you love has a drinking problem, this booklet will provide you with facts about a simple program of recovery. Through A.A.’s help, over two million people who once drank too much are now living comfortable and productive lives without alcohol. Click here to download the pamphlet.




Is AA Right For You?Is AA for You?

Only you can decide whether you want to give A.A. a try — whether you think it can help you.  The symptoms of alcoholism are summed up in these 12 questions most A.A.s answer to identify themselves as alcoholics. Click here to download the pamphlet.





This is A.A. - An introduction to the A.A. Recovery ProgramThis is A.A.

Introductory pamphlet describing A.A.s and what they have learned about alcoholism. This is for anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol. Click here to download the pamphlet.





A.A. Newcomer QuestionsA Newcomer Asks

This leaflet is intended for people approaching Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) for the first time. In it, we have tried to answer the questions most frequently in the minds of newcomers — the questions which were in our minds when we first approached the Fellowship. Click here to download the pamphlet.